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After a decade of globetrotting across the continents, I have spent the past 11 years happily enjoying the offerings of Nice: its Mediterranean climate, its proximity to the Southern Alps and Italy, its cuisine and its artistic history.  To say the French are proud of their culture and artistic life is truly an understatement, and I appreciate the evidence of their patronage in daily life. I live in the “Quartier des Poètes”, on the Avenue George Sand, and in the quaintly named, small blue-shuttered Provençal building of Les Muses. Somehow this inspires me.

I have to confess to having needed to do a wiki search for more details on this author, but consequently she has become quite a hero of mine. I did say SHE, as Aurore Dupin took a male pseudonym, as did so many female 19th century authors. George Sand was an amazing author, personality, and all-around woman!  She was the most famous woman writer in 19th-century France. She wrote novels, stories, plays, essays, and memoirs, and represented the epitome of French romantic idealism. She was one radical, spirited, opinionated, daringly creative, non-conformist woman. I like her independent spirit and commitment to her art whatever others thought.

So here I am, inspired by the name of my street, a writer in the making, ready to muse on all that a written page can create within us, whatever its genre.  This year I am committed to regularly writing poems and, at present, I am working on my first picture book manuscript, I promise to keep you updated with all the ups and downs of this writer’s journey.

« Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. »

George Sand

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12 Responses to My Muse

  1. I didn’t realise your blog was up and running already – hooray! I love your muse and am excited to read your (at least!) monthly poem. Maybe you will inspire me to write more often as well! XR

    • Joanna Marple says:

      Hi Rach, thanks for dropping in, yes let’s share inspiration. I shall endeavour to do two posts per week, so stay tuned.


  2. Joanna says:

    Hi Rach, thanks for dropping in, yes let’s share inspiration. I shall endeavour to do two posts per week, so stay tuned.

  3. Patricia Tilton says:


    Wow – Wow! Your blog name Miss Marple’s Musings is catchy and brilliant — very creative! And, I liked your first post and how you tied it all together. Have a vivid image of your your surroundings.

    Also checked out some of your posted blogs and discoverd that Natalie Fischer, an agent I have researched and thought about submitting to is leaving the Dijkstra Agency — and I heard it from you. Like the sites you posted.

    You are off an running — can’t wait to follow your musings!

    Wish you the best!

    • Joanna says:

      Pat, thank you so much for your supportive words. Heh, I am lucky to have an uncommon yet well-known name! I feel like all of us from the ChildrensBookHub are on this journey together, which makes it less lonely. I do hope this blog will prove a great through-flow of information.


  4. Joanna — Welcome to the world of blogging! I love this first post of yours, and your blog title! How can you help but be inspired to write, with all those amazing Writerly Muse names surrounding you where you live?

    The information you give about George Sand is fascinating. I knew nothing about her except that “George Sand” was a pseudonym used by a female writer. You’ve made me intrigued to learn more. Thank you.

    Very definitely looking forward to your updates!

    — Beth

    • Joanna says:

      Hi Beth, thanks for the welcome. My last apartment was on the Avenue Frédéric Mistral. Truly writers and artists have been drawn to the beauty and climate of Provence for centuries.


  5. Diane says:

    Yay Joanna
    Love your eyecatching and creative blog. Have checked out a couple of your links also.
    Love that you are into poems, an area that I am dipping my toes into. Look forward to more interesting posts easpecially anything to do with your part of the world
    Wishing you all the best.

    • Joanna says:

      Hi Diane, Still working out how to reply to comments, seem to have lost the reply I wrote you last night! You are right I need to share all I can of this beautiful region.


  6. Dan says:

    Hello and Welcome Miss Marple !
    What a fantastic idea you had creating this blog (very nice layout and colours)! Wish you ll the best and a lot of inspiration for your future works !!!

    ps: as you may know, “Muse” is also one of the best rock bands in the world as today… 🙂

    • Joanna says:

      Thanks, Dan, and you are absolutely right, a very cool band! Are you aware they have been nominated for a Grammy (,Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals). Listen in to the Awards this Sunday!

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