Me(me), Matisse, Miró

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I enjoy Danielle’s Saturday Me(me) over at Theresabook.  She created this weekly meme to get to know the blogging community a bit better, and it works, in a real fun way. Each week there’s a question to be answered:

This Weeks Question: What is your favorite type of art? Or do you happen to have a favorite painting/artist/sculpture/etc.?

I have an eclectic taste in art, as I do in music. Choosing a favorite style, let alone piece of artwork, is difficult for me. However, living in Provence the past 12 years has certainly influenced my exposure and choice. I am going to opt for two Mediterranean artists. I am lucky enough to have a Matisse art gallery just down the road from me, set in Roman Remains and an old, olive garden. 

Polynesie La Mer

Then, my Catalan artist, Joan Miró (who was forced to spend some time in France during the Spanish civil war).

Nino y Gato

How about you?

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12 Responses to Me(me), Matisse, Miró

  1. Oh, these are both fabulous! Love the second one, with its great colors.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Diane says:

    umm this is hard, I too have eclectic taste in art and music. While I like clear clean lines of some abstract I do find myself swaying to traditional styles. No one artist for me. I also love sculpture, the late Blake Edwards “Paitence” among others are lovely.

  3. Blake Edwards’ sculpture, “Flight”, is my favorite piece of art.

    I’m not good at pinning down a favorite visual artist. Currently displayed on my walls are some amazing photographs, mainly of London, taken by a couple of online friends, and a couple of abstracts by another online friend, Robin King —

    • Joanna says:

      Beth, is there a permanent exhibition of Blake’s work anywhere? As that would be a great thing to do if I get to LA this summer. I checked out Robin King’s site and loved that explosion of colour, thanks for pointing me to the site.

  4. Patricia Tilton says:

    I love the sculptures of Beth Cavener Stichter who portrays emotion in animals in many times a very uncomfortable way. Her website is: We are good friends with her in-laws and I’ve watched her career blossom over the years. Joanna, I think you would find her work interesting. On the other extreme, I enjoy the warmth of Thomas Kinkade. I really enjoy all art. This is a fun site.

    • Joanna says:

      Wow, Pat, what a unique way to portray animals and such an interesting mix of the cute and the shocking. I really enjoyed this me(me) as you guys are introducing me to some awesome modern artists, whom you know personally. If I get to NY en route for LA this summer, I also want to check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  5. As far as I know, there’s no permanent exhibition of Blake’s art. There have been two brief exhibitions of a few pieces of his art, but unfortunately there are no permanent installations that I know of. It would be wonderful if there was!

    I actually pondered purchasing one of his paintings last year, and corresponded with the gallery that was doing his exhibit, but unfortunately, it was out of my price range. Sigh.

  6. There’s a book about his artwork? I have a book about his movies, called “A Splurch in the Kisser” but I didn’t know there was a book about his art!

    • Joanna says:

      Well, we have both learnt something new. “A Splurch in the Kisser”, what an awesome title. I believe there is a book on Blake’s art but I don’t know if it is still in print.

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