Flight School – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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06_Lita_JudgeTitle: Flight School

By Lita Judge

Published by Athenium Books for Young Readers, April 2014

Ages: 3-7

Themes: penguins, flight, courage, dreams

Opening Lines:

“I was hatched to fly'” said Penguin,                                                                                 “When do classes start?”                                                                                                    “But you, dear, are a penguin.” Teacher replied.                                                       “Undeniable,” said Penguin, “But I have the soul of an eagle!”


The front end pages begin with a warm scene of a little penguin setting off in a small red motor boat wearing just his flight goggles and passing a sign indicating he is leaving the south pole. He has large dreams and great expectations because he knows his own heart!

On top of the next sign in the middle of the water, we read “FLIGHT SCHOOL / WE TEACH BIRDS TO FLY.” Here gathers a motley jumble of teachers and trainee birds. Doubtful teachers respond hesitantly at first to Penguin’s request, but then decide to give him a chance with the training program. “Penguin and the other birdies practiced for weeks,” and the big day of the first flight arrives and despite his confidence and lessons, his morphology causes Penguin to fail with aplomb! He is on the point of giving up when ever resourceful Teacher and Flamingo find a solution to give Penguin a taste of flight. It is creative, funny and short-lived, but as sweet an experience for Penguin as any fledgling’s first flight. It lasts only for a few moments, but his happiness at this one-time achievement is lasting and satisfying.

Why I like this book:

This is a picture book that so reflects childhood experience. I love the reality in this story because Penguin does not learn to fly alone, however children will understand his yearning for something beyond his ability and his sense of accomplishment anyway in going after his desires with his beautiful self-awareness of having the soul of an eagle. The adults are willing to give this lost cause a go and when it doesn’t work out they find solutions to give young Penguin a sense of accomplishment. And what does he do with his big eagle’s heart and this experience, he reaches out and gives this hope to one of his friends. The ending is truly special in this story!

Lita’s warm beach-scapes in orange, yellow and brown watercolor and blue and green sea scenes are perfect backgrounds for the funny crew of different birds she has in this story. Each bird is depicted with its own personality and there is whimsical humor in their expressions. Details are abundant, such as the ALL removed from the sign as Penguin gives up and sails away!


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23 Responses to Flight School – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. ADORABLE! The red flight goggles are cracking me up. I can tell already this would be a hit with the preschooler in our house. Thanks Joanna!

  2. This book sounds wonderful!!!! Penguins, flying school — right up my alley (or should I say “right down my runway”?) I must read this! Thanks, Joanna!

  3. What a hoot! Very amusing story. Kids have such huge imaginations and anything is possible. I used to believe I could make hamburgers out of clover. So, I’m sure this book will be a ticklet the funnybone of a lot of kids. I must read this book.

  4. Sign me up for flight school! Definitely putting this on my list.

  5. What a face! So cute. Thanks for the review. And I love your springy new header.

  6. The cover and opening are AWESOME! 😀

  7. Rhythm says:

    Oh Wow! I was hooked at the first glimpse of that cover! What a great story! I’ll be looking for this one for sure! Thanks!

  8. Penguin stories are always sweet, and Lita’s art makes it even sweeter! 🙂

  9. Love the goggles, and wonder if I was ‘hatched to fly’?!

  10. Joanna says:

    I think I have the heart of an eagle!

  11. I’m hooked! I hooked! Just put it on hold. The cover is just too cute 🙂
    And, BTW, have I been away too long? When did you get the new banner? Love it!

    • Joanna says:

      It is adorable, Penny!

      I revealed the new banner on Monday with a blog post, so, no, it is very recent!

      • Gosh! I’m so behind on reading blogs. I enjoy them so much but there’s so much to do! I always think I’ll take a day and just browse all my faves and catch up but then something else always seems to pop up! I’m going to read Monday’s post right now!!!

  12. So glad you posted this Joanna! I was literally saying ernie meeny miney moe between this book and the one I chose 🙂 Such a cute book, this is! How can you resist that determined little penguin in his dashing red goggles? 🙂

    • Joanna says:

      Penguin is adorable. I am glad it worked out perfectly, Susanna, though two reviews would have been fine. It also tied in perfectly for me after the interview with Lita on Wednesday.

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