J stands for….. – children’s poetry

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My author/illustrator friend, Nina Laden, posts the most delightful pictures of what she gathers, grows and cooks on Lummi Island/Seattle (WA). Last week she shared a photo of two halves of a giant porcini that weighed in at over one pound! I asked if I could use the right half as my FB profile pic and I thought it deserved a little kid’s poem to go with this fungal J.

Porcini courtesy of Nina Laden

Porcini cut in half, photo courtesy of Nina Laden

J stands for…..

J stands for Jo-Jo
A tomboy at three.
She never wore dresses                  but climbed every tree
She whooped with the boys
and chased all the girls.
She dissed all the dolls
and cut off her curls.
Her teddies were besties
and littered her bed.
She mended their owies
and shared all she read.
She nurtured a garden,
baked cookies and pies.
She majored in mischief
but never told lies.


P.S. I am thrilled that my Halloweensie poem has been selected among the finalists of Susanna Hill’s competition. If you have a moment, do hop on over to her blog and vote for your favorite.

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12 Responses to J stands for….. – children’s poetry

  1. Adorable new poem! And, I didn’t know we could vote on the Halloween poem. Just did (for you, of course!). Good luck. 😀

  2. What a wonderful poem. Congratulations on making the finals. Have been out of town and didn’t realize they were up. Good luck!

  3. I was wondering what kind of mushroom that was! I love mushrooms…of almost every kind. 🙂 Write more poetry; your poems warm my heart!

  4. Erik - TKRB says:

    Is that poem about my little sister Josie? It sounds like it! 😉

  5. She majored in mischief–love that! And that is a pretty cool, photo. 🙂

  6. rhythm says:

    I think I like your JoJo quite a bit!!

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