Circle Square Moose – Perfect Picture Book Friday


Written by: Kelly Bingham

Illustrated by: Paul O. Zelinsky

Published by: Harper Collins Children’s Books, 2014

Themes/Topics: shapes, moose, zebra, friendship

Suitable for ages: 3-7


Shapes are all around
us. We see
them every day.
Have you ever
looked at
a button?

This one is a ….. circle.


Looking at the opening page you may well think we are in for a standard shape concept book, but with characters around like Moose (and Zebra, both in Z is for Moose, their first book together) nothing is ever standard. Moose loves shapes and he’s in his element in this shape-fest until well, you know Moose, he wrecks everything. It starts with him eating a sandwich, granted it was a square! Thank goodness for friend’s like Zebra who somehow manage to unstick Moose’s messes even if they land Zebra in a worse mess. The unsticking of this book invasion is pretty epic and I will let readers discover it themselves.

Why I like This Book:

Bingham’s text, cleverly interspersed with rhyming passages, offers ideal opportunities for children to relate the shapes introduced to daily life. Kids will also love Moose’s interrupting humor. If they have already read Z is for Moose, they will especially enjoy seeing these two characters again. There is a cool nod to Weisner’s THE THREE PIGS just as disaster hits. I love the twist at the end of Zebra now needing Moose’s help.


While this isn’t an easy read-aloud, it is a great introduction to shapes and young readers will find many everyday shapes in the illustrations on each page. I would suggest small groups of children and lots of browsing time with this one.


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5 Responses to Circle Square Moose – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. You have whet my book appetite! I loved meeting Zebra and Moose in their debut alphabet book and am excited to learn the twist in this one.

  2. Such a creative and entertaining book. I enjoyed the Zebra and Moose alphabet book. Writing a concept book about shapes sounds like a fun progression for their personalities! Great review!

  3. Nice review. Will have to check this out!

  4. This looks awesome. I love it when authors layer concept books with humor, surprises, relatability, etc. It makes learning fun and memorable. Great suggestion. 🙂

  5. this one is on my “really read it” list… and now, having read your review I guess I really ought to go find a copy. It looks like delightful fun.

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