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In case you missed the following posts, I wanted to put the two links here.

leonardA few weeks ago the Italian publisher, TOPIPITTORI, requested permission to translate my interview with Leonard Marcus and post it on their website. So the Italian version can be found here. I shall also be interviewing this publisher in the coming weeks.






annieA couple of months ago, the We Need Diverse Books Team asked me if I would like to coordinate a series honoring those who have been forerunners in diversity in children’s literature. This new monthly series will explore some of the individuals in children’s book publishing who have been forerunners in the writing and promotion of diversity well before it became a buzzword in our community. While it is healthy and necessary to focus on what still needs to be accomplished and the recent progress made, it is important, as with any movement, to pay due respect to and acknowledge those who have preceded us and paved the way for our present focus and forward momentum. As we have already established, diversity encompasses a broad spectrum, and, of course, children’s books target pre-reading toddlers through to sophisticated young adult readers. Over the coming months we will celebrate some of these pioneers and maybe (re) introduce you to some old classics. My first post, LOOK BACK IN PRIDE, was posted on their site a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. I think it is important to look at the steps the first daring authors took in publishing diverse books for the LGBTQ community. They faced so many challenges like being banned. But, they paved the path for many more authors to write books in our changing world. Excellent post. I also I enjoyed your other post, “Look Back in Pride.” I love the challenge you’ve undertaken.

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