Monster & Mouse Go Camping – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Title: Monster & Mouse Go Camping

Written  by: Deborah Underwood

Illustrated by: Jared Champman

Publisher: HMH, June 2018

Ages: 4-8

Themes: camping, friendship, adventure, monsters, mice, acceptance, resourcefulness. 


Monster was having a snack when Mouse burst through the front door.
“Let’s go camping,” she said.
What’s camping?” Monster asked.
“Camping is great!” Mouse said. “You walk in the woods. You sleep in a tent. You tell spooky stories.”


It takes a little convincing, but with the promise of food, Monster decides to join Mouse on a camping trip. Things quickly go awry when Mouse takes off to explore, because, well, Monster gets hungry. He starts with just a little snack—the lantern. And the sleeping bags are hard to resist. Then the tent . . .

Stranded in the wild with no supplies, what are a monster and a mouse to do?
Why I like this book:

Mouse, she is bold, and Monster is a somewhat less adventurous guy but willing to try anything pretty much as long as food is involved. This is a laugh-out-loud story with a sweet “aw” moment of reciprocity in the middle and a completely satisfying fun ending that will make you want to pack your bags for your next camping trip in the woods. 

It’s a great story about friendship, adventure, acceptance and resourcefulness with lovely bold illustrations, especially of nighttime in the woods. This is a great read-aloud to kick off summer.


Have students recount any camping adventures they have had, and maybe combine a list together of camping essentials for a trip!

Check out this interview I did with the author a couple of years ago.

The National Park Service has some great camping tips here.

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2 Responses to Monster & Mouse Go Camping – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    I love Deborah’s books! Gotta put this one on my TBR pile!

  2. What a perfect summer read! It sounds hilarious! Didn’t know Deborah had a new book out. Will have to check it out!

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