Travel Musings and Annual Summer Blog Hiatus Announcement

I travel for Five main reasons:


  • Curiosity
  • Connection
  • Continued learning/growth
  • Culinary exploration
  • Creativity

And this summer, I am adding a sixth – the Curative properties of travel!


Though I am so grateful for the little apartment I have inhabited the past 18 months in cycling distance of work, my nomadic soul still tugs at my heart. Travel breaks the routine and prevents me calcifying in the known and comfortable. I travel to see new places, meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and to encounter different cultures, cuisines and landscapes. But I also travel for the way that travel changes me. I travel to expand my boundaries and to expose myself to other ways of seeing the world. I believe travel can change us into better people. Travel is also a great way to pick up new story ideas, especially as bus, train, ferry, biking, swimming and hiking are part of my plans, not just flying. 

Additionally, this summer I am traveling with a conscious goal of healing. Heartbreak sucks! And we have pretty much all experienced it at some level. It can be crippling but it can also unleash raw emotion and creativity that can be channeled into new projects and people. Breakups cloud minds, but love is an adventure — as is life. Loss of love doesn’t mean loss of life; it just means we will have a different kind of adventure, one with ourself for a season until we are ready for romantic love again. Traveling to new places offers me a fresh perspective that I hope will enable me to rewrite my story, rediscover who I am, and maybe discover new things about myself (I plan on trying something I have never done before.) We are never to old for self-discovery. Sure, it can be a physical escape and a distraction, but more than that, for me travel and all those new and renewed encounters nourish a living-in-the-moment mentality. And if I will slow down and breathe, can allow the beautiful earth to exert its powers of renewal on my soul. Solo travel is empowering, and I know I need to reclaim the control that I relinquished of my wonderful destiny. 

All this to say,  as always, Miss Marple’s Musings will be taking a two-month SUMMER BLOG HIATUS. I am heading west to the Bay Area for a month or so, where I find the Mediterranean landscape and vibe very soothing. This will include some cool cat-sitting gigs and certainly some kid lit gatherings. Then a few weeks in Colorado. Sun, ocean, mountains, old and new friends await me, as does my work-in-progress! If you live near San Francisco or Denver and want to meet up, drop me a line! And if you want to follow my travels, please do so on my FB or Instagram accounts. During your own travels this summer, even if it is a staycation, I wish you an abundance of serendipitous moments. 

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3 Responses to Travel Musings and Annual Summer Blog Hiatus Announcement

  1. All the best for your travels. Love following you on fb and love all the pics. Hugs and Love!

  2. Joanna says:

    Thank you, Diane. Heading to California always reminds me of the first time we met! Hugs back atcha.

  3. Patricia Nozell says:

    Safe travels! I look forward to seeing pic’s!

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