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Baby On Board – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Title: Baby on Board, How Animals Carry Their Young Author: Marianne Berks Illustrator: Cathy Morrison Publisher: Dawn, 2017 Ages: 3-7 Genre: creative nonfiction Themes: animal young, parental behavior in animals Opening: When you were a baby, someone carried you. Have you wondered what animal parents do? There … Continue reading

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Cathy Morrison – Illustrator Interview

Very happy to once again be interviewing an illustrator whose illustrations will be showcased in my perfect picture book Friday link this week. [JM] Illustrator or author/illustrator?  If the latter, do you begin with words or pictures? [CM] I consider … Continue reading

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Tell Me A Tattoo Story – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Title: Tell Me a Tattoo Story Written by: Alison McGhee Illustrated by: Eliza Wheeler Published by: Chronicle Books, 2016 Themes/Topics: tattoos, fathers and sons, personal history Suitable for ages: 5-7 Opening: You wanna see my tattoos? Synopsis: This is a modern father-son love story. The … Continue reading

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