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SNOW GAMES by Joanna Marple & illustrated by Maja Sereda, published May 7, 2012 on the eBook platform, uTales.

SNOW GAMES’ Blog Tour in 2012 and subsequent interviews:

Wednesday, May 16th – Darshana Kiani’s blog, Flowering Minds. – Interview

Wednesday, May 23rd – Krista Rausin’s blog, Parenting with a Dash of Inspiration – Multiple Characters in Picture Books

Tuesday, May 29th – Sharon Stanley’s blog, Sharon Stanley Writes. - Interview

Tuesday, June 5th Clarike Bo Jahn, Clarbojahn’s Blog - The Story Behind the Story

Wednesday, June 6th – Diane Tulloch’s blog, The Patient Dreamer. Book Review and mini Interview

Wednesday, June 13th Julie Hedlund’s Blog, Why uTales?

Monday, June 18th – Susanna Leonard Hill’s, Blog - The Process of Submitting a Story to uTales

Wednesday June 27th – Patricia Tilton’s blog, Children’s Books Heal, Anthropomorphism in picture books and Book Review

In June 2012 I was selected uTaler of the month for SNOW GAMES and the book promotion – See my interview on the uTales Blog.

March 13th 2013, Happy Birthday Author – birthday post!

April 2nd 2013, Clar Bo Jahn’s Blog – Interview

February 14th 2014, on Kidlit411 – Interview


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