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Illustrator Interview – Jen Hill

I first saw Jen’s art work hanging in a gallery in Williamsburg, and she was easily my favorite artist in that exhibition. Then a few months later I met Jen in person in my neighborhood of Brooklyn, in what has … Continue reading

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Interview – J. R. Poulter

Jennifer and I met in a couple of different Facebook groups (uTales and 12×12) and really I friended her because I can’t wait to beat¬†play her at scrabble! Jennifer is a writer, poet, editor, and as you will discover, collaborative … Continue reading

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Illustrator Interview – Rico Schacherl

Last week we were in Israel, but now we mosey along the Mediterranean coast and travel way down the continent of Africa to its tip. Today’s illustrator, and wonderful uTales collaborator, Rico, lives in South Africa. He posts snippets of … Continue reading

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