Fudge and Marmite

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You will all know that April is poetry month, so continuing on our feline theme this week, here are two poems about my fuzzy companions. They are like chalk and cheese and have a love/hate relationship with each other. I play the mediator. I also thought I would point you towards two poets’ sites that I follow, which you may enjoy checking out.

Robert Lee Brewer

Kenn Nesbitt


My furry friend, a ginger Tom,

Who comes to the name of Fudge,

That is, if tuna is in sight

If not he doesn’t budge.


Though feline on all documents,

He’s canine through and through.

He follows me around the house

And chewed up one whole shoe


He carries bones into the yard,

Waits for me by the door,

Then jumps on me as I come in

And rolls over on the floor.


Unlike other cats I know

His balance is not quite right.

He falls off beds and misses jumps

And bumps me in the night


Fudge is very sociable

He sticks to me like glue.

He purrs just from a friendly look.

I’m a sucker for him too.


His nicknames are innumerable:

Like Gingernut and Tigger,

Pudger the Fudger, Purr-pot,

Fudge Bar will raise a snigger.



Sleek and black,

An elegant cat.


Discreet, sly.

Independent not shy


Agile, refined.

Acute of mind.


Stealthily silent.

Not always compliant.


Hunter at night.

Birds best take flight


Sleeper by day,

out of the way.


In her own time,

Still, she is mine.








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8 Responses to Fudge and Marmite

  1. Diane says:

    awww so cute, and I am a sucker for Fudge to. I smiled to myself imagining him in mid flight missing his intended landing spot. Marmite reminds me of our first cat, Lucy, she was little miss independent and kept to herself. Love the poems Joanna, go you!

    • Joanna says:

      If I am awake I do get some warning that Fudge might be about to land on me, as his approach is never quiet and he has a habit of squeaking just before he pounces! Marmite is truly a refined, intelligent feline. Thanks, Diane.

  2. What delightful poems! They bring out the different purrsonalities of Fudge and Marmite in such a clear and playful way. Have you thought of doing a book of animal poems? Or submitting these poems to a magazine such as Ladybug? I’ve just been reading back issues of Ladybug, and they showcase a great deal of poetry for young children.

    Here’s a link to submission guidelines for the whole Cricket family of magazines, in case you’re interested:


    • Joanna says:

      Beth, thank you. You it has very vaguely crossed my mind to do a book of animal poems. Thank you for the nudge and the great idea about submitting to a magazine again. I need these nudges! I shall check out your link right away.

  3. Patricia Tilton says:

    Loved the post. I am not familiar with cats and their behavior, so I found your comments about Fudge and Marmite fun. The poems were lovely, and I can see why you follow these poets site. I am a dog person. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • Joanna says:

      Pat, I am a dog lover too. i would have a dog if I didn’t have several days a week when I am absent from the apartment for 13+ hours. At least my cats don’t get into too much mischief when I am not there. Then there is always the fact that Fudgy thinks he’s a dog!

  4. Such beautiful cats! And the poems, I love! =) I enjoyed this post. =)

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