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Jessica is already getting campaigners mingling with today’s blog post ! You post 10 random facts about yourself.and link back to jessica’s post. It should be fun and help us Campaigners get to know each other.

  1. I like eating with chopsticks because it slows me down.
  2. I have hiked the GR20 in Corsica, France’s hardest  (14 day) mountain hike.
  3. I have had the privilege of working in/living in and/or visiting around 50 nations.
  4. When I first got my motorbike license 10 years ago, I rode alone down through Rome to Naples #oblivioustodanger .
  5. I only just got away from a giant cockroach in Malawi, but that’s another story.
  6. I’m dyslexic when I type.
  7. Being a good friend is one of my highest priorities.
  8. I would like to be able to go barefoot 365 days of the year.
  9. I’m a peacemaker.
  10. I think my favorite book so far this year is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.

La Corse 2005

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31 Responses to Mingling Campaigners

  1. lol…so true about chopsticks! I’m a fan of them myself. I love Chinese food…yum, yum. Thinking about it is making me hungry 😛 Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great idea! I will post right after dinner (which I won’t be eating with chopsticks — I’m too uncoordinated for that!)

    Your random facts are amazing. You’re really an impressive person, Joanna!

  3. Patricia Tilton says:

    You are dyslexic when you type? Is that possible? I can see you barefoot and eating with chop sticks. We hare a lot in common, but not a motor bike or hiking. Will have to visit Jessica’s list. What fun!

    • Joanna says:

      All I know, Pat, is I have some typical letter mixing that goes on when I type that never show up when I write by hand. Strange, huh?

  4. Diane says:

    Thats very strange….dyslexic typist..mmmm wonder if I can get away with that one…
    Yes we certainly do have a few things in common, like eating with chopsticks. Hubby and I do every Friday night! And yes I managed to get away from a massive coachroach in Cambodia (first visit) Why on earth did I go back?..LOL.

    • Joanna says:

      What do you guys eat on Friday nights? Vietnamese food? My cockroach story is best told orally, so I shall save it for the next time we meet up 😉

  5. Joanna, I thought your bio page was inspirational, but this list is enchanting. You appear to lead a charmed life, and I’m guessing that you find even the dyslexia somehow interesting. Because I sense a kindred spirit, I’m definitely going to look for *Winter Garden.* I’ve heard about those giant cockroaches in Malawi but I bet our Floridian Palmetto bugs could whoop them!

    • Joanna says:

      Aw thanks, Gail. Charmed no, but exciting, yes 🙂 I think I have gotten into as many scrapes as an adult as when I was a kid. I am just too adventurous to always play safe 😉 I googled your Palmetto bugs and they are SCARY! I do hope you enjoy Winter Garden as it had me sobbing through many of the chapters. I highly identified with one of the sisters. You’ll know which one if you read it!!

  6. Hi Joanna – Wow! I am really impressed! With all of this about you, you must have some wonderful stories to tell and write about. Thanks for sharing and letting us get to know you. I am following you by email. I do not have a facebook for my writing, only for personal.

    P.S. Where is that picture taken for your blog header? It is gorgeous!!

    • Joanna says:

      Maeve, glad you will post your list too as it is fun finding out a little more. I do definitely draw on my experiences for my stories.

      The photo for my blog header is just 2 hours north of Nice, entering the pre-Alps… we were doing some wild camping (I had to crop out the tent)… 🙂 typically there is a small shepherd’s hut near the lake and the sheep were gathered around us when we woke.

  7. I forgot to add – I will post my list next week. I had done one before, but it was only listing a couple of things about me. This is a great idea that Jessica initiated.

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  9. I love this idea. I’m a day behind in learning about this. Maybe a post idea for next week. I like your list, because it shows that writers are about their life experiences … not just what you write.

  10. Hello, Joanna, I am new to your blog, but really enjoyed finding out all these things about you. I’m a peacemaker, too, and I love to travel, so I envy you your having been in 50 countries! Wow. Love the name of your blog (having really liked so many Miss Marple mysteries!). Thanks for stopping by my blog, and thanks for following me. I’m following you now.

  11. Oops, tried to follow you, but I see your blog is under construction. Let me know when it’s up and running.

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  13. Hey, Joanna! Thanks for your thoughts at my blog!

    I’m like you: I like going barefoot. I was having sciatica problems in my right lower back from a couple hard-core exercising sessions. My husband read that going barefoot is good for your body – and natural! So now I go barefoot around the house and have purchased the New Balance Minimus shoe, made to treat your feet like they’re barefoot. They feel wonderful, like slippers! And my sciatica is a ton better – some days, no pain at all!

    Anyway, great to meet you and learn more about you! Take care!

    • Joanna says:

      Hi Laura, so glad about your improved sciatica from going barefoot. I have a bunch of friends who have Nike Five Fingers, like your New Balance, and swear by them. Some even run in them. I guess I should give them a go.

  14. Diane says:

    Heres my link…. yay…http://thepatientdreamer.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/okay-why-not-have-a-go-gulp/
    I did it… Oh and we often eat, chinese, vietnamese, Mongolian you name it….
    Gulp! told orally huh! mmm

  15. Hey, Joanna! Thanks so much for becoming a Follower on my blog! It’s been great getting to know you!

  16. Kelly Polark says:

    Hi Joanna! Yikes about the cockroach! Fun getting to know you better from your post and through the campaign!

  17. I’d love to be more of a hippie, but can’t bare being barefoot. Nice to learn about other campaigners 🙂
    Wagging Tales – Blog for Writers

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