A-Z Endangered Species Haikus

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Welcome back to Around the World in 50 weeks, and my A-Z haiku series on endangered species. I continue to try and select a mix of known and lesser known species to heighten our awareness of the dangers many plants and animals face across our globe. 150-200 species go extinct daily around the world, and there are small acts on our part that can help preserve our partners on this planet. My G-I Haikus bring us a bird, mammal and reptile.

Juvenile Galapagos Hawk - File from Wikimedia Commons

Galapagos Hawk.

Perching on lava ledges.

Poultry poacher. 

These island hawks are heavily threatened and hunted almost to extinction to protect livestock.  There are fewer than 200 pairs left! They are highly territorial; live in family groups and hunt together. They poach poultry and livestock such as small goats. These splendid birds of prey need our help.

Hawaiian Monk Seal - Image from Wikimedia Commons

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Munching fish, lobster and eel.

Basking on damp sand.

There are fewer than 1100 Hawaiian monk seals left in the wild. Commercial sealing back in the 1800s nearly wiped the species out, and it was once thought to be extinct until rediscovered and immediately placed on the endangered species list. Today they are threatened by human disturbance of pregnant or nursing females, reef poisoning, and shark attacks. A number of islands are now designated as reserves for this critically threatened species.

Watch a youtube video of a Hawaiian Monk seal 

www.monksealfoundation.org for more information and how you can help

Indian Python - Image from Wikimedia Commons

Indian Python.

Up to thirty feet in length.

Coils suffocate prey!

The Indian python can be found in a wide range of habitats, including valleys, woodlands, forests, grasslands, swamps and marshes, and rocky foothills. There must be a good source of water within its range since this species depends heavily on it. They are docile creatures, even when found in the wild. The main threat to the species is habitat loss due to agricultural development. Some Indian pythons are illegally killed for their fine skin or for meat, which is eaten by locals. Also the fat contained in their skin is used in medicine. Indian pythons are protected by the Tamil Nadu Government, and the trade of pythons and any product that contains python parts is prohibited.

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15 Responses to A-Z Endangered Species Haikus

  1. Linda Boyden says:

    Thanks for this important information, Joanna. Proud to call you friend.

  2. Joanna says:

    Thank you, Linda, the feeling is utterly mutual.

  3. Tina Cho says:

    This would make an interesting nonfiction book, haiku about endangered species. Have you ever queried publishers on this?

    • Joanna says:

      Tina, I thought about this after a couple of prompts such as yours, by which time I had already posted quite a few haikus on the blog and I fear publishers would refuse something already ‘published’ here.

  4. So glad to see this important series returning, Joanna. Your poetic talent plus your passion for endangered animals equals a winning combination.

  5. Always thought of Eagles as farly solitary. Such elegant creatures. Enjoyed watching the Hawaiian Monk Seal — had never seen one. Snakes are interesting in photos, but I don’t like them. Can see how their skins may be prized. My son grew up in Tamil Nadu, near Pondicherry. Such an important series. Thank you!

  6. Joanna says:

    Pat, I confess to having a healthy fear of snakes and I guess they deserve as much protection as a cuddly koala! I haven’t been to the Tamil Nadu province and would love to go.

  7. I love these haikus and the animals that inspire them. I always learn something new here. That hawk is so fiercely gorgeous, isn’t he? And the monk seal has such a sweet face. I’m a little less enthusiastic about snakes 🙂 but that one is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing the endangered species info and your wonderful haikus!

  8. Joanna says:

    I did think this python looked pretty attractive for a snake! But I love the seal’s grin more!

  9. I agree with Tina – this would make a great book… These are cool. Who woulda thunk – endangered haiku?

  10. Joanna says:

    Thank you, Sue!

  11. John Platt says:

    Wonderful work, Joanna!

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