Mermaids on Parade – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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I and author/Illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg, at the Brooklyn Museum Children’s Book Fair.

Okay, I confess to being on a New York roll here. I am stockpiling a few great recommendations for any teachers or families wanting to do some lessons on the Big Apple or prepare for a visit. Today’s choice, MERMAIDS ON PARADE, is from an author/illustrator whom I finally had the pleasure of meeting in person a couple of weeks ago.

I am looking forward to joining the parade in next summer (though, sorry Melanie, no way am I dressing up as a Mermaid! Jellyfish maybe?)

Mermaids on Parade

Written and illustrated by Melanie Hope Greenberg

Published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2008

Themes: Mermaids, parades, Coney Island, New York, summer, beaches

Ages: 3-8

Synopsis/First Lines: 

Once a year when vacation starts, I march in a parade to celebrate the opening of the ocean during the summer solstice.

Written in the first person, the story follows a young girl’s first experience dressing up as a “Shy Mermaid coming out of her Shell”, and joining in the celebrated Coney Island summer parade. The little mermaid is enchanted by the colours, sounds, throb and heart of this bustling seafront parade. Surrounded by thousands of young and old, locals and strangers, all brightly dressed in Neptune, mermaid and sea creature costumes, she is having one of the most exciting day’s of her life, that is until it gets even more exciting at the end of the book! This is one memorable midsummer day for this little mermaid and the island.

Why I like this book: 

Melanie uses gouache, pen and pencil and her illustrations vibrate with festive summer energy, color and exquisite detail of the Coney Island sea front and the celebration of the beginning of summer. I showed this to my lfriend, a New Yorker, and she pointed out the accuracy of detail, from the shop fronts, to the nearby subway and the in-costume plunge into the ocean of all the paraders! There’s a terrific two-page spread that provides a map of the Coney Island area, showing the parade route and all that this includes. Astroland, the Wonder Wheel, Nathan’s, the parachute drop, Keyspan Park etc. The illustrations of the people are also a great reflection of New York diversity.

One gets absorbed into the holiday spirit and little girls will love all the different mermaid costumes and be begging for their own and a chance to join in this annual artists’ parade. The language is very active, with juicy verbs and imagery. There’s a real bounce to the story.

I enjoy picture books that bring to life a local event. This would go well with Melissa Sweet’s Balloon’s over Broadway, as both really celebrate community in New York.


The author includes a super back page about the history of Coney Island, and the origins of their original Mardi Gras parade and then the Mermaid Parade.

A page is also included on How to Make a Mermaid Tail in 3 Easy Steps!

You can find out more about the annual parade here.

Melanie can be contacted about skype school visits on her website.

MERMAIDS ON PARADE has its own blog for young people.

An aside: Coney island suffered around $200,000 worth of damage during Hurricane Sandy last month. They, and many other New York and New jersey neighborhoods, continue to need our support. The Red Cross is still taking donations.

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20 Responses to Mermaids on Parade – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. This looks like a charming book, thanks for the review, I’m going to check it out for sure.

  2. You certainly are having a ball taking on the Big Apple. How much fun to attend a book fair! I like your choice and I think kids imagainations will soar with this — especially girls. Didn’t know there was a Mermaid Parade. Love the cover! Great choice. Great activities!

  3. This sounds wonderful, Joanna, and really appeals to me because I grew up in NYC, so I’d love to see all those accurate details! Thanks for sharing! We can make a new category of Big Apple books 🙂

  4. Wow! I never knew this parade existed! Look forward to reading the book!

  5. Joanna says:

    Apparently it’s a pretty big hit in the summer, with teeming crowds!

  6. Carrie F says:

    I love that colorful cover! So nice on a chilly winter day. Great review, Joanna. It sounds like you are really enjoying your time in NYC.

  7. Barbara says:

    A real life mermaid parade sounds absolutely enchanting.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  8. Very creative and imaginative, lovely choice!

  9. It’s always fun to meet an author/illustrator. I like the cover!

  10. Joanna says:

    Erik, I so agree. It makes me read the book in such a different light when I have met the author!

  11. A mermaid parade sounds like all kinds of fun. The book sounds wonderful and I love it that you met the author/illustrator!

  12. Rhythm says:

    What a fun book! Parades and mermaids! I’ve seen a lot of parades and been in a few, but never have I seen mermaids there! Thanks for sharing the book and the links.

  13. The mermaid parade sounds like such fun! I look forward to hearing what you dress up as next summer. I’m so enjoying your Big Apple Books — thank you for helping us celebrate this amazing city, and thank you, too, for reminding us how Coney Island suffered during SuperStorm Sandy.

  14. Hmmm, I think the mermaid theme would have wide appeal, especially among girls. Thanks for this wonderful recommendation.

  15. Joy Chu says:

    I donated two copies of Melanie’s fine mermaid book to the San Diego County Library — we are situated by the sea, after all — because they didn’t have it. I’m pleased to report it’s *always* out on loan, being perused by little mermaids out here! Thumbs up!

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