Where is tippy toes? – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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One of my hopes in spending time in New York is to get to know more authors and illustrators personally and soak in the scene. Judging by coffee shop conversations and sneeky over-the-shoulder laptop snooping in Brooklyn, every other person I meet here is hoping to hit the NYT bestseller list some day! Anyhow, recently I had the pleasure of meeting a gifted creative couple, Ted and Besty Lewin, who have  been prolific in picture book writing and illustrating for decades. I reviewed one of their recent books, Puffling Patrol, in August, and making their acquaintance sent me straight off to the Brooklyn library for more.

where is tippy toes?

Written and illustrated by Betsy Lewin

Published by Aethenium Books for Young Readers, July 6 2010

Ages: 18 months – 4

Themes: Cats, stories in rhyme, pets, daytime & nighttime

Reviewed from library copy


Everyone knows where Tippy Toes is

when the sun is up and the day is his. 

The Mouse in his hole knows the soft pit pat…

of Tippy Toes’s step on his welcome mat. 

Everyone can see what the rascally, orange kitty, Tippy Toes, gets up to during the daylight hours – sneaking up on mouse holes, snoozing in dresser drawers etc. But no one knows where he heads once the sky is dark and the moon is up. Where is Tippy Toes? Who might know his nighttime escapades?

Why I like this book:

  • strong cadence
  • simple
  • sturdy die-cut pages and flaps for great toddler appeal
  • repetition…. “but nobody knows where Tippy Toes goes…”
  • great predictive text
  • endearing protagonist
  • surprise ending
  • big, bold, bright water color illustrations
  • not too long for toddlers

This is a fabulous example of a story that will appeal from babyhood onward. Very young children will recognize flower, cat, mouse etc and participate in the physical interactivity of this story. 


The story really lends itself to prediction and maybe a discussion with slightly older children about nocturnal animals and what they get up to.

Peekaboo moments will abound with toddler.

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24 Responses to Where is tippy toes? – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. Cute book! I love the title. 🙂

  2. clarbojahn says:

    Sounds so cute! I love that you listed the things you love about it from an authors point of view. I hadn’t considered studying the picture books I read as much as that but why not? Great idea!

    I envy your time in NYC and am proud of you for navigating it over there what with the subways and traffic and all that makes it a scary place to me. I’ve been once with a tour. I hope to go back sometime this summer but my trip will be planned out to the hilt. Not sure if there will be time to just sit and people watch although that is what would give me the most pleasure. 🙂

  3. Ooo, I like the soft sounds of the rhymes! And I’m up for a surprise – thanks!

  4. This is definitely a Joanna book. Like the way you listed what you liked about the book. They rhyme sounds great, the pictures look fun and there is a surprise at the end. Nice choice.

  5. Loni Edwards says:

    This looks like a perfect book for toddlers. Kids that age love rhyme and simple themes. Great review, Joanna!

  6. Joanna, this sounds like a delightful read for my 2 youngest grands. I already love the Lewins-will be sure to check this out.

  7. This sounds delightful — and when you mentioned “Puffling Patrol” I sat up a little straighter in anticipation — I remember that one! Thanks, Joanna! (And what a wonderful time you’re having in NYC. You’re definitely in the right place at the right time. I’m so happy for you.)

  8. This is very cute and so you, Joanna! Love everything about it, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time in New York, with all the lights and beautiful window displays (just love those). Wrap up warm for Xmas.

  9. This sounds really delightful, Joanna! And how cool that you got to meet Ted and Betsy in real life 🙂 Thanks for adding this one to our list – it looks like one the little ones will really enjoy! 🙂

  10. I love the rhythm and language evoking sounds. This looks like a great read for the younger set. Thanks Joanna!

  11. Sounds like a classic and how wonderful to meet the Lewins!

  12. Joanna says:

    It was a lot of fun to visit Ted and Betsy and see their studios!

  13. Carrie F says:

    Wow, Joanna, NY sounds like the place to be! I’m envious. That refrain sounds so cute. I’ll look for this book!

  14. Cathy Mealey says:

    I love this book for the idea that the cat is exploring safely outdoors in nature. So many indoor cats these days, I think many kids don’t realize that cats can be indoor or outdoor pets. Fear not, my outdoor cat in the country always wore belled collars to protect the birds!

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