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scaled_ArtistMortimerTitle: The Artist who Stole Bits of the World

Witten and illustrated by Bo Zaunders

Supplied by OC Studios

Category: Books

Ages: 3+

Themes: artists, canvas, creation,

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, android

Release Date: May 10th, 2012

Price: free

Available at: Apple iTunes Store and from the author’s website.

      Key Features:

  • Mellow narration
  • own voice recording option
  • word-by-word highlighting
  • discreet animation and background music

Synopsis: The artist, Mortimer, loves nothing more in the world that setting up his easel outside and losing himself in painting what he sees. His paintings, however, posses a rare artistic gift/attribute, they capture the scene so completely that the scene is transported completely when Mortimer packs away his canvas leaving a hole in the universe. Imagine a beautiful seascape with a chunk of the ocean missing! Naturally bystanders and participants in these scenes complain about these consequences andMortimer has to come up with a creative solution befitting his artistic talent.

Why I like this: The story is full of charm and whimsy and a light humorous tone that fits the storyline perfectly. The enhancements are discreet and enhance the storyline rather than detracting as some animation does. Children with love the marriage of logic and fantasy, fully grasping that a picture is a moment caught in time! The author’s own narration is pitch perfect in its melodic, nationless English. The character of the artist and his/Bo’s watercolor paintings are delicate and winsome. The whole experience is delightful.
And once he painted all the butterflies in the field, confusing the lepidopterist no end.
Bo Zaunders has a great blog post on the making of this app on his website.
Read here for more information on the DIY framework from OCG Studios that Bo Zaunders used to create this app.
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8 Responses to App Recommendation – The Artist Mortimer

  1. My first app of any kind! Bo’s website is fun too – thanks for the link. You are a marvelous ‘community connector’, Joanna!

  2. roxie munro says:

    It IS a charming app! And created by the great developers, OCG Studios. I just played it again yesterday on my iPhone.Thanks so much for an insightful review, Joanna!

  3. Bo Zaunders says:

    Thanks for a good, beautifully written, review!

  4. What a unique idea for a story. It sounds like kids would have a lot of fun with this app. You write excellent reviews.

  5. I think I would like this book!

  6. This sounds delightful, Joanna! Now that I’ve figured out how to download e-picture books onto my iPhone I have to figure out apps next 🙂

  7. Rhythm says:

    I don’t know anything about apps, but this one looks pretty cool.

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