Storybook app recommendation – A Shiver of Sharks

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photoTitle: A Shiver of Sharks

Written by Julie  Hedlund

Illustrated by Pamela Baron

Music and Narration by Tim McCanna

Published by Little Bahalia Publishing LLC

Category: Books

Ages: 3-11

Themes: marine animals, collective nouns, nonfiction, ecology

Platform: iPad (including mini)

Release Date: June 12th, 2013

Current Price: $2:99

Available at: Apple iTunes Store

Synopsis: Ahoy me hearties, brace yourselves for this fantastic sequel to A TROOP IS A photo-2GROUP OF MONKEYS, which has just be named one of the Guardian’s (UK) 50 top children’s apps of 2013. This app has us diving into the oceans to get our jaws around some juicy aquatic collective nouns like, ‘a battery of barracudas’ or ‘a fever of stingrays’. Not only do we accumulate a sea-ful of new nouns, most, I guarantee,  new to kids and adults, but fun facts for each creature are shared in catchy rhymes and charming illustrations.

Key Features:

  • Vibrantly illustrated and animated
  • Every page has appropriate animal animation and noises
  • A lyrical narrated option
  • Originally composed music/song by Tim McCanna
  • Great vocabulary building
  • Reading Strategies section
  • Core Curriculum information

photo-1Why I like this app: The text is suitable for Kindergartners through to their grandparents. Aside ‘flamboyance’ and ‘pod’, I was once again more than a little dumbstruck on how many of these collective nouns I did not know, and what I have been missing! I think I may have been able to cope better with the last six summers of jellyfish invasions if I had known they were called a smack! These words are just such fun to say out loud and use in stories. The imagery and illustrative scene for each sea creature make it very easy to visualize and remember long after the iPad is switched off. The sound effects took me back to many different ocean moments around the world and some of the animations had me laughing out loud (don’t miss the burping gull or egg-popping turtle!)

This is a visually appealing, humorous, entertaining and educational app with excellent additional resources making this as suitable for classroom use as well as fun reading time at home or on the beach! Only don’t blame me if Moms and Dads get a little bit jaded with their kids’ repeated singing of Tim McCanna’s catchy chorus!

Once again, I really appreciate  the conclusion exhorting us to care for our underwater environment. Having lived on the Mediterranean the past fourteen years, I can’t tell you how upset I am to see the debris all around when out swimming and sailing. Apps like this will help children engage with our wonderful natural world. So, after their swim and before they head off to build a sandcastle, have your kids rolling on their beach towels with A SHIVER OF SHARKS.

Here’s a taster with The Shiver of Sharks Book App Trailer.

This book has been provided to me free of charge by the publisher in exchange for an honest review of the work.

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4 Responses to Storybook app recommendation – A Shiver of Sharks

  1. I MUST read this! I love the illustrations!

  2. Joanna says:

    Erik, I think you, Josie and your parents will love this one.

  3. Haven’t purchased the app yet, but I’m glad you’ve done review about it. I always trust your comment when it comes to app features! Julie’s apps are really well done and I like how both kids and adults enjoy interacting with them. Great review.

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