Hi, Koo! A Year of Seasons – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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hikooTitle: Hi, Koo, A Year of Seasons

By Jon J Muth

Published by Scholastic, 2014, February 25

Ages: 4-8

Themes: seasons, haiku, poetry

First Haiku:

Autumn,                                                                                                                                are you dreaming                                                                                                                         of new clothes?


An adorable panda bear called Koo, (whom we meet in ZEN TIES) takes us through tender child-centric, subtly alphabetic walk through the four seasons told in haiku poems. A—Autumn, B—Broom… Each page features a haiku and watercolor illustration about a sensorial moment during  one of the seasons (dancing in the fall rain a la Gene Kelly, tickling a friend’s ear with a summer violet petal). The special moments in nature and childhood spill though the poems and pages.

Why I like this book:

Muth explains in an author’s note at the beginning of the book that translations from the traditional Japanese seventeen syllable (five-seven-five pattern) for haiku inevitably renders a different number of syllables in English. Like many modern poets, he has not restricted himself to the original pattern, “For me, haiku is like an instant captured in words—using sensory images. At its best, a haiku embodies a moment of emotion that reminds us that our own human nature is not separate from all of nature.”

The same peace and tenderness I came to know in Koo’s uncle’s books (ZEN SHORTS and ZEN TIES) are evident in these lyrical warm pages. Life in its goodness is celebrated. Each scene sparkles. It is a superb introduction to this poetry form and great addition to any class seasons project.


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10 Responses to Hi, Koo! A Year of Seasons – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. Delightful and befitting for Earth Day, too!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this book!. It is a beautiful book about nature and the seasons — definitely goes with Earth and Arbor Day. My granddaughter loves pandas. I want to check it out since her birthday in May 31, because I want her to experience something poetic and fun. Thank you!

  3. Joanna says:

    I am a big Jon Muth fan. If you don’t know his other panda books, Pat, your granddaughter may love those too.

  4. Rhythm says:

    Well, this looks like an excellent little book! I’m learning a lot about haiku! I’ll be looking for this one! Thanks!

  5. Wonderful! I loved Zen Shorts! 😀

  6. I’ve read this one before, but it’s definitely worth a re-reading!

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