International Dot Day – Join in the fun!

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MAGICAL MOON DOT to celebrate International Dot Day 2014!

Over 1.5 million children from more than 75 countries have signed up to celebrate International Dot Day in their classrooms and individually. It is a day of COLLABORATION and CREATIVITY across the globe. Peter Reynolds says, “the theme for this year’s day is creativity, bravery and self-expression.”

Today, September 15th is the 11th anniversary of Peter H. Reynold’s international bestselling book, THE DOT, about a little girl who doesn’t think she can draw. In 2009, teacher, T.J. Shay, held the very first Dot Day celebration and shared his students’ creations with author/illustrator Peter Reynolds.

Check out the celebridots page and you can also follow International Dot Day on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtags, #dotday and #makeyourmark.

Taechingbooks has a great interview with Peter. H. Reynolds on some of the backstory for creating The Dot. 


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8 Responses to International Dot Day – Join in the fun!

  1. Love your “moon” dot Joanna. I’m happy you’re supporting and promoting the day. The current count is 1,776,305 kids participating from 81 countries. Think they will reach 2 million this week. It’s a great event.

  2. Your dot is the coolest! Love it. Leave it up to you to do that. 🙂 It made me smile. (I need to smile these days.) Thanks for promoting this, Joanna. You rock!

  3. A moon-dot! How clever! I’ve never participated, but I do love that book. 🙂

  4. Love your moon dot, Joanna! How beautiful!

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