Wolfie The Bunny – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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wolfieTitle: Wolfie The Bunny

Written by: Ame Dyckman

Illustrated by: Zachariah OHora

Published by: Hatchette Book Group Inc, 2015

Themes/Topics: wolves, bunnies, sibling rivalry

Suitable for ages: 4-8


The bunny family came home to find a                                                                             bundle outside their door


Dot, the bunnies’s daughter, is not so enamored as her parents when they all discover a baby wolf abandoned on their doorstep. In fact Dot repeatedly warns her parents, HE’S GOING TO EAT US ALL UP. Wolfie can do no wrong in her parents’ eyes; he’s a great sleeper, eater, drooler… you get the picture. And Wolfie appears to adore his big sister, so much so that when he has eaten them out of carrots he insists on going with Dot to The Carrot Patch to get some more. At the store they run into an enormous and ferocious bear, who threatens to eat them all up, but Dot aint having any of that.


Why I like This Book:

This is a hilarious and adorable story of sibling rivalry, courage and misplaced but natural fears. I had the pleasure of hearing it read aloud by the author (who could have been a stand up comic in another life) at the book’s debut party at Books of Wonder New York, and it is laugh out loud funny (and I am more of a wry smiler than a LOLer!). The humor comes equally from the brilliant text and Dot’s asides as from OHora’s unexpected illustrations on every page. That OHora chose to set the story in Park Slope with the recognizable Park Slope co-op (The Carrot Patch) with a sloth store-keeper made the book all the more endearing to me. I love that the family is unconventional and that the parents accept Wolfie immediately, and Dot’s suspicions and annoyance make her wonderfully authentic and believable.


Get the children to share some sibling rivalry and sibling defense stories.

Each week a group of bloggers reviews picture books we feel would make great educational reads. To help teachers, caregivers and parents, we have included resources and activities with each of our reviews. A complete list of the thousands of books we have reviewed can be found sorted alphabetically and by topics, here on Susanna Leonard Hill’s website.

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6 Responses to Wolfie The Bunny – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. Manju Howard says:

    Great PB! My favorite line is Dot’s warning. “HE’S GOING TO EAT US ALL UP!”

  2. I’ve gotta get on the stick and READ this. I’ve been hearing about it for so long. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. A local crit-partner and I had a lot fun dissecting this book! There is a lot more there than meets the eye!

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