Yard Sale – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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yardTitle: Yard Sale

Written by: Eve Bunting

Illustrated by: Lauren Castillo

Published by: Candlewick Press, 2015

Themes/Topics: Downsizing, yard sales, change, moving

Suitable for ages: 4-7


ALMOST EVERYTHING WE OWN is spread out in our front yard. It is all for sale. We are moving to a small apartment.


Callie’s family can no longer afford to stay in their house and are downsizing to s small apartment. Almost everything they own, they are selling in a yard sale – furniture, potted plants, even Callie’s bike, which she at first won’t give up. Callie watches and finds it super hard to see all their/her things being sold and she even worries that she will be sold!

Why I like This Book:

This story is beautiful and moving in a way picture books are rarely for me. The reality of a family’s financial situate changing and the need to downsize considerably is addressed with sweet sensitivity from the eyes of a young child and the visual disappearance of her possessions and her old way of life through a yard sale. Yet, the importance of what really counts and that is one’s loving family is also celebrated.

Lauren’s winsome detailed watercolor scenes, and poignant facial expressions bring this story vividly to life.


  • Discussion with young children about what ‘home’ means and what we really need.
  • Have children share their moving stories.
  • Once spring arrives, yards sales abound every weekend. Check online or maybe in local stores where people stick up ads., find a sale near you and take the kids along.

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11 Responses to Yard Sale – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. I just learned about this book yesterday. It is so relevant with many families having to downsize because of difficulties. But, this is a good book for any move. And family is what is most important. Lovely review.

    • Joanna says:

      Right, Pat, in our economic climate, this is not so unusual. It also addresses the universal them of change, beautifully.

  2. I still haven’t seen this one – can hardly wait! Thanks for posting. BTW, Liv is disappointed that she won’t be here to meet you!

  3. Andrea says:

    I want to find this one. I’ve heard a lot about it.

  4. So glad to see its out–been meaning to find it! Looks lovely, I had no idea the story was so poignant. As a yard sale maven its a must have for me!

  5. This looks super! Callie and I have something in common— I hate to part with ANYTHING! Thanks for the review.

  6. I put this on hold earlier at my library. After reading your review, I’m super glad I did. it sounds like a wonderful book. Thanks for a great review.

  7. What an important book to show empathy for others in that situation and help kids who are about to or have done it. Also makes you grateful.

  8. what a cool concept for a book. I was just saying to my family that we need to downsize our collection of junk… not because we’re moving but because there are things we aren’t using that someone else could get joy from.

  9. What a sweet story and cover. Such a very real occurrence in any family, anywhere. loved that it’s from the child’s pov. (I’m slowly doing a clean out too)

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