Summer Travels and Blog Hiatus

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Hiking in the The Cévennes National Park in Southern France


A month ago, I was coming to the end of my MFA, and after six months of searching for a job, had almost given up hope. I thought that after the summer, I would need to relocate back to Europe (please note, I love Europe too!) While I enjoy New York City and had great fun here last summer, I decided if these were my last months living in the USA, I should make the most of them. I told my landlady I would be leaving my room rental at the end of June to travel to see more of the country and catch up with old and new friends, and write! About a week after I had taken this decision to make the best of my summer, I received a job offer for a year as a part-time high school librarian, which I am thrilled about.

As with any tool, social media is mainly what you make of it. Yes, it can be a time-suck or worse, a place of criticism and negativity, but my experiences remain positive. So, instead of just signing up with a housesitting website, I decided to throw out my availability and plans on FB, with overwhelming results. The hard part was juggling dates and having to say no, or at least, not this time, to some amazing offers. I am balancing time with friends and time looking after pets and houses, so that I DO get some writing done over July and August. Today, I set off for my first stop, Denver/Fort Collins/Boulder, where I will finally get to see the Rockies and three kidlit friends (RoZo, Stacy and Julie) only one of whom I have met in real life.


I travel for four main reasons:

  • Curiosity
  • Connection
  • Continued learning/growth
  • Culinary exploration

Though I do have a strong desire to have my own place again and make a home, I still love to travel. Travel breaks the routine and prevents me soggifying in the known and comfortable. I travel to see new places, meet new people and reconnect with old friends, and to encounter different cultures and landscapes. But I also travel for the way that travel changes me. I travel to expand my boundaries and to expose myself to other ways of seeing the world. I do believe travel can change us into better people. Travel is also a great way to pick up new story ideas, especially as bus, train, biking and hiking are part of my plans, not just flying.

All this to say, enjoy your summer, and as always, Miss Marple’s Musings will be taking a two-month SUMMER BLOG HIATUS. If you want to follow my travels, please do so on my FB page.

 NB If you are new to writing for children/youngadults, I have just updated my resources page (see toolbar above) where you will find some great sites and suggestions to help get you started.

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17 Responses to Summer Travels and Blog Hiatus

  1. Lori Degman says:

    Safe travels, Joanna!! Can’t wait to read about all your adventures!!

  2. I know you’re going to have a fabulous summer that is rich in all the ways you hope (with some delightful surprises mixed in), with the added joy of knowing a job and a place wait for you at the end of the summer. Safe and happy travels, my friend!

  3. Sounds wonderful and restorative on so many levels.

    Fun & safe travels, Joanna!!

    Bon Voyage!

  4. Lia Keyes says:

    I second all your reasons for loving to travel! Have a blast, and bon chance!

  5. Travel well and be safe. Enjoy your two months of wandering. Will look forward to your posts on FB!

    • Joanna says:

      Thanks, Pat. I thought that would be the easiest way to ‘journal’ and I find a two month summer break form the blog is necessary to keep me fresh!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful summer, Joanna. I totally agree about traveling, I do miss it.

  7. Bon voyage, Joanna — hope our paths cross at SCBWI LA!

  8. Joanna, I’m so jealous. I know you’re having the time of your life. xoxo

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