Little Bitty Friends – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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bittyTitle: Little Bitty Friends

Author: Elizabeth McPike

Illustrator: Patrice Barton

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for YOung Readers, February, 2016

Themes: spring, small animals, rhyme

Ages: 0-2

Genre: concept picture book

Opening: (first two spreads)

Little bitty steps
marching one, two, three,

Little furry caterpillar,
tickle, tickle, knee.


Sharing strawberries with a wee mouse, stretching up skyward with the buttercups, chatting with chipmunks, this simple rhyming story invites children to join in the charms of spring life amongst the plants and critters around us.

Why I like this book:

This is a gentle rhyming picture book for the very young is a perfect spring pick at home or school or for a library story time. A wonderfully racially diverse group of young children discover the life that is teeming just outside their doors. Furry caterpillars and an army of marching ants are accessible even for the most urban kids at a park. The children’s enthusiasm is contagious and the “Little bitty” repetition, rhyme and simple rhythm of these couplets will make an engaging repeated read aloud to even to very young. I am glad he included some plants and not just animals.

If you have a baby shower coming up, look no further!


Newborns can be introduced to the wonderful outdoors on a rug on the grass in the sun before the summer sun becomes too intense! I had  Gerald Durrell fascination for bugs and critters from a very young age and toddlers can explore at leisure with an adult’s oversight, earth, grass, under stones etc

How about making a bird’s nest from recycled materials, as recommended by


The Imagination Tree has complied 60 Nature Play Ideas for Kids.

Each week a group of bloggers reviews picture books we feel would make great educational reads. To help teachers, caregivers and parents, we have included resources and/or activities with each of our reviews. A complete list of the thousands of books we have reviewed can be found sorted alphabetically and by topics, here on Susanna Leonard Hill’s website.

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11 Responses to Little Bitty Friends – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. Andrea Mack says:

    This one sounds so sweet! A nice way to teach about appreciating nature.

  2. Love that bird nest idea! And for the record, I share my strawberries with squirrels, albeit without permission. Okay, that’s not sharing, per se, but heck, they rake in plenty and leave the caps for me in jest! I need to read this book, huh?

  3. Looks adorable! I love rhyming books for babies and toddlers, especially ones that have a musical flow. Thanks for sharing this one.

  4. This looks sweet and I love the idea for the bird’s nest made from recycled materials!

  5. Looks adorable! I’m always looking for new books appropriate for our almost 2-year-old grandson. Right now he loves animal books. Great idea to introduce bugs and birds.

  6. Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    Awwww, I wish my son was this young again. I’ll have to give this one to a new nephew.

  7. Those illos. are absolutely adorable. I’m trying to think if I have a 0-2-year-old in my life who might need this.

  8. Oh – what a wonderful idea, to make a nest out of recycled materials. And what a sweet book.

  9. Awww. Look at the kids in that nest! As for the book, I love Patrice’s work. Thanks for sharing it here.

  10. Wendy Greenley says:

    My mom bought me Gerald Durrell books when I was far too young to appreciate them. This book makes me want to go lay in the grass– if it wasn’t raining, and 40 degrees.

  11. Love the sound of this one! And my library has it 😀 Thanks for introducing me to it!

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