Let’s Garden – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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letsgarden_front_rgbTitle: Let’s Garden-A Step by Step Introduction

Written by: Clara Lidström & Annakarin Sylberg

Translation: Viktoria Lindbäck

Illustrations by: Katy Kimbell & Li Söderberg

Published by: Little Gestalten, Berlin, April 2016

Themes: gardening for kids, food, creativity, nature, plants

Ages: 6-11

Genre: nonfiction

48 pages


HEAD POTS: You can make these funny figures with edible hairing by drawing faces on pots and grow cress or sunflowers in them. If you grow grass, you can even give them a haircut.


Swedish authors Lindström and Sylberg have created a craft and project filled book for elementary children who want to explore their yard’s potential and see what they can grow. It is broken down into ten chapters each with clear textual and colorful visual instructions. These projects are not just a case of buying a packet of pumpkin seeds from the store but are super fun, instructive and require a simple but developed skill set.

What kid wouldn’t like to know that if they plant rabbit poop beads then cane discover what those bunnies munch on? Or when Mom decides to throw out the old garlic that has started to sprout the GARLIC & CHEESE chapter explains exactly what to do with that old garlic to recycle and repurpose it. Little growers are guided every step of the way through each activity, which contain both illustrations and photos.


“Illustration by Katy Kimbell and Li Söderberg from Let’s Garden, Copyright Little Gestalten 2016”

Why I like this book:

They explicitly say in their Tips and Tricks preface that this is not a book for grownups, it is truly a hands-on gardening handbook for kids (there is a parental epilogue!) The range of activities is excellent and encourages a great understanding about natural connections and the journey from soil to table as well as the possibilities for recycling and avoiding waste. A large yard is not necessary, nor is there a need for lots of equipment. the activities  can be accessed by city and country kids alike. This book can help generate a generation of little growers and is an attractive addition to classrooms and families that want some hands in the dirt activities for their young students.


Pick one or more of the activities and engage! If you do, please post your progress back here in a few weeks or months time. I would love to see this in action.

A couple of great kids’ gardening websites are: http://www.kidsgardening.org and http://eartheasy.com/grow_gardening_children.htm

Also, another great text to partner with this one is, MY GARDEN by Kevin Henkes, reviewed here

Each week a group of bloggers reviews picture books we feel would make great educational reads. To help teachers, caregivers and parents, we have included resources and/or activities with each of our reviews. A complete list of the thousands of books we have reviewed can be found sorted alphabetically and by topics, here on Susanna Leonard Hill’s website.

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5 Responses to Let’s Garden – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. Ooooooooh this looks amazing!! Can’t wait to check it out!

  2. What a great idea for a book especially for kids. I used to love trying to see my beans grow in a glass just like that one. Radishes are really good too. They grow so quickly. Great Choice for PPBF Joanna.

  3. Looks like an excellent book for children! I am trying to learn to garden as an adult. I wish I would have had an introduction like this one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oooh! Kids really enjoy gardening. I like that it is written just for kids. What fun!

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