Cat Tales & 125 Pet Rescues – Two Book Recommendations and a Giveaway

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Title: 125 Rescues, From Pound to Palace: Homeless Pets made Happy

Publisher: National Geographic Kids 2017

Ages: 6-11

Nonfiction, 112 pages

Themes: animals, pet rescues, pets, pet sanctuaries


In many ways, they’re just like pets in your own life. They have quirks, they’re adorable, , each one is different, and yet they all just want to be loved. These animals didn’t start of with happy families who cared for them, though. They had to go on long and sometimes harrowing journeys to find happily-ever-afters.


Meet 125 colorful cute and heartwarming pet rescue stories from across the USA and as far away as Australia. This is a collection of hilarious and heartwarming stories of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs—all types of pets given a second chance, and the human animal lovers who rescued them.

From the dog who saved her owner from a fire, to the cat that plays the piano, to the cow that thinks it’s a dog, discover incredible stories of animals in need who went on to become beloved pets.

Why I like this book:

All these stories are paired with adorable photos and loads of animal facts. Kids learn all about how to be kind to our animals friends and the importance of being a responsible pet owner. 

There’s tons of furry, fluffy, feathery fun on every page, including tips on how to help save animals in need!

Some of these animals you may recognize from their Facebook pages or instagram accounts like, Lil Bub or the four Canadian rabbits Taffy, Moo, Olie and Bowie.. Others have reached from anonymity to appear on these Nat geo pages. All of the animals on these pages were abandoned at some point. Some adult or child stepped in to rescue each one, wanting to give them the chance of a life of love in a forever home. 

I guess I wasn’t surprised to see that Pit Bulls feature strongly among these 125 rescue stories. I have a soft spot for pitties, which can be as sweet tempered and faithful as any other breed when given the right environment. But I was happy to see that the stories definitely go beyond the typical cat and dog rescues to include cows and pigs, and even Moe, a bearded dragon. Many of the animals, like Moe, have injuries, amputations, disfigurements etc, which require a special kind of adopter that can see beyond the physical to their hearts. There’s even a double spread of three hounds from history! Some animals have come from pretty sad situations so make sure you have some kleenex handy.

 National Geographic has included a foreword from Best Friends’ Co-Founder and CEO, Gregory Castle, and concluding thoughts from Debbie Duel from the Humane Rescue Alliance. They underline the hope that this book will encourage young readers to be kind and considerate towards all animals and to consider asking their families to open their homes and hearts abandoned pets or those in shelters. They encourage kids to spread the message of adopt-d0n’t-shop as well as the importance of spaying, neutering and financially supporting animal rescue projects.

Title: Cat Tales, True Stories of Kindness and Companionship with Kitties

Author: Aline Alexander Newman


Publisher: National Geographic Kids, 2017

Nonfiction, 160 pages

Ages: 6+

Themes: cats, rescues, behavior


If you’re looking for mystery, look no further than a cat. Cute and cuddly one minute fierce and playful the next, cat behavior can seem harder to crack than the toughest code, Sadly, this lack of understanding between humans and cats can often lead to cats being left in shelters or given away from their homes due to “problem behaviors”. But beneath their puzzling exteriors and sometimes frustrating antics, cats are wonderful creatures whose friendship is well worth the extra effort.


We humans love our cats and these surprising true stories will prove our cats love us back! This collection of tales of playfulness, friendship, heroism, and inspiration is sure to touch the soul, tickle the funny bone, and inspire animal lovers everywhere to be the best kitty caretakers and companions they can be. There’s Bambi, whose owners taught her to respond to commands in American Sign Language; Millie, who loves exploring the outdoors and goes rock climbing with her owner; Leo, a rescued lion who changed the life of one South African family forever, and more. (jacket flap)

Why I like this book:

These 23 cat stories show that cats have as much individuality as any human mammals! From Humphrey the who is the mouser at N0 10 Downing Street to Bubba an adopted Ginger Tom in California who insisted on going to Middle and High School with his new hoomans!

Lots of cat breeds are represented here—Maine Coone, manx and Minuet, among others. While the stories themselves reveal many facts about cats, there are also some informative double-spreads with more information, such as: welcoming a cat into your home, training them to walk on a leash, body language, cat camps… 

The book is vibrantly colorful, with stunning photos on every page and stories to charm even the feline-skeptics! This truly has an audience of all ages and would make a great gift!


I am giving away a copy of whichever of these you would like, to a randomly picked commentor (by May 23rd). Please share a favorite pet moment with us.


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6 Responses to Cat Tales & 125 Pet Rescues – Two Book Recommendations and a Giveaway

  1. Patricia Nozell says:

    So glad you’ve highlighted books that include shorter stories, Joanna. Collections are wonderful as bedtime stories on busy nights, to bring along when traveling, or for older kids to explore on their own. And animal rescue stories are always a hit!

  2. Joanna says:

    Thanks, Patricia. They are indeed great bite-sized stories for bed time.

  3. Two great National Geographic books. Kids who are interested in animal rescues, will love the Pet Rescue book. Are there horse rescue stories? I have a great granddaughter who loves horse stories and cats.

  4. amanda whitley says:

    we have 4 kitties who are all so likes to sit in the sink and drink from it.

    • Joanna says:

      Hi Amanda,

      4 kitties is fab. You have won one of these books. Please let me know which one you want and email me your address!

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