Brave – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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Title: Brave

Author: Stacy McNaulty

Illustrator: Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

Publisher: Running Press Kids, 2017

Ages: 3-7

Themes: courage

Genre: concept book

32 pages


A brave kid…

…seeks adventure


An empowering picture book for all kids that demonstrates to children that they can be real-life superheroes and that all kids have what it takes to be brave. Superheroes seek adventure, never give up, and stay calm when others are 
afraid. Superheroes are brave. But they aren’t the only ones.

Kids are brave every day. When they are told they are too little, but accomplish something big. When they check for monsters under the bed, just in case. When they face something uncertain, whether a thunderstorm or a hospital visit. When they stand up for what’s right, even when it means facing consequences. 

Like superheroes, brave kids can save the world, just by being brave.

Why I like this book:

This ode about what it means to be courageous when you are young would be a great discussion starter for teachers and caregivers. A diverse group of kids are shown in a variety of situations requiring bravery of one sort or another, situations to which most kids can relate – standing up to a bully, checking under your little brother’s bed for monsters,  speaking out the truth, saying sorry… This book will inspire kids to follow their hearts and to have courage, no matter the situation they find themselves in. The illustrator accompanies the thoughtful but simple one-sentence text on each spread with vibrant, colorful pictures which fill the two pages. Great addition to classroom or school library.


Brainstorm together more “A brave kid…” scenarios.

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6 Responses to Brave – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. Is this the same illustrator from Patricia’s pick? Nice coincidence today!

  2. This is definitely going to my great grandson! Such an important book to show kids that “brave” means many things. Yes, it is the same illustrator. I like her work!

  3. I love that this book defines courage in the context of every day experiences. Excellent book suggestion!

  4. We all need a dose of courage at times. Great book. I have it reserved at the library.

  5. great premise and very confirming!

  6. Keila says:

    Timely! Kids need to feel brave…everyday.

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