Teensy Meensy Mice – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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Title: Teensy Meensy Mice

Author: Donna Marie Merritt

Illustrator: Ed Heck

Publisher: MacLaren-Cochrane, September 4th, 2018

Ages: 3-5

Themes: mice, mischief, rhyme



Meensy mice come out at night
to skip and danse around.
They’re sneaky little critters 
who hardly make a sound.


Teensy meensy mice cause all kinds of mischief when you’re asleep!

Why I like this book:

This is a perfect picture book to read to your pre-school group or your toddler(s). All will relate to naughty nano mice with a penchant for toes, midnight snacks and tying up the cat told in a rollicking abab rhyming rhythm throughout, which spills off the tongue very naturally and will be a delight to teensy ears. The illustrations are bold, bright digital and these mice retain cheeky grins throughout. While this is mischief humor par excellence, the author also adds a couple of suspenseful lines, which will have the young listeners hopefully checking their beds and skirting boards before falling asleep with a smile on their faces.


Donna has a free downloadable mouse coloring page on her website.

This is a fantastic Pinterest board of mouse-themed ideas for preschoolers.

I might pair this with If You Give A Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff.

Don’t miss the interview I did this week with the illustrator, Ed Heck, where he speaks of using Matisse as inspiration for one of the spreads.

wooden spoon mouse craft for kids from www.iheartcraftythings.com

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8 Responses to Teensy Meensy Mice – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. What a hilarious mouse story for kids! Although they wear cheeky grins, what to do they do with toes? I love the Ed Heck’s fun illustrations! And, I enjoyed your interview with him earlier in the week! A must read.

  2. Gabi Snyder says:

    Imagining what mice get up to while they’re snug in their beds will appeal to kids, young and old. Thanks for sharing!

  3. If I can find this in time, I’ll be adding this to my storytime next week!

  4. This looks like fun! Poor kitty. Hope my library has a copy. 🙂

  5. Patricia Nozell says:

    Haven’t seen this one yet & it looks like such fun. Love the pairing, too.

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