Happy New Year From My Pen/Keyboard/Paintbrush to Yours!

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I continue my new year blog tradition of sharing my word for the year. For 2019 it is — 

“Qi.” Or “Chi.”

It represents the life force continuing to circulate and move us forward.

Qi or Chi

For me 2018 has been one helluva year, and I know I need to train my eyes forward and leave these past 13 months behind. I am so grateful for all the friends, old and new, who have listened to me, encouraged me, supported me, challenged me, believed in me, kicked me in the butt, and simply been there to lift me up again and again. It has not been a year of great literary accomplishment though at least I have not quit. But I do enter the new year more whole, more centered, more appreciative than ever of the nurturing abundance that are the sweet authentic connections with those whom we love. I have pushed through and am on the other side, without bitterness and resentment. I am fit, I am resilient, I am healthy (despite some scares this year), I have work I love, and I know my openness and vulnerability are not weaknesses. And while my visa is up for renewal again this year, I know that I will always have options, and I am more than capable of reinventing myself wherever I am planted.

The novel that was out on submission in 2018 garnered a dozen requests for the full manuscript by agents, but no rep yet, so I plan to reel it back in and do a big rewrite as I still believe in it. And I am working on two other queer YA manuscripts, one set in New England and one near Yellowstone.  will be pulling back on screen time and may well even put my blog on a sabbatical after 8 years of weekly posts. Aiming for more social and less media! I hope I will continue to connect with more of you in person because I feel that is where the real magic takes place.

In 2019, may you connect on multiple levels with the great universe in which we live, may your year be filled with wonder, and may you always keep your sense of humor! We belong to an amazing community and we’ve got this, together. I’m celebrating all your successes and cheering you on in the year ahead. Stay creative, do your best work, and know that I’m here to support you! Message me whenever you like and tell me how I can help.


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2 Responses to Happy New Year From My Pen/Keyboard/Paintbrush to Yours!

  1. Since we haven’t talked in depth this year, I’m love your positive attitude in moving forward. You sound more at peace than I’ve ever heard you — especially when it comes to your Visa renewal. You know, I understand your wanting to more social than more into the media of things. I have felt the same way, thus you don’t see/hear from me much on FB. I’m glad you still believe in your novel and are going to spend more time on rewrites. It’s amazing to get some distance from your work and go back and see it through new eyes. Love to you, good friend!

  2. Joanna says:

    Dear Pat,

    I truly hope we ca see each other in person this year. I think often of how you, Beth, Diane and I formed that little core group for writers starting out together in 2011. The connection is real and despite not talking in depth this year, I always feel your support, as I hope you do mine!

    Love to you.

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