Pruett and Soo – Perfect Picture Book Friday

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Title: Pruett and Soo

Author: Nancy Viau

Illustrator: Jorge Lacera

Publisher: Two Lions, 2022

Ages: 3-6

Format/Genre: fiction

Themes: rules, feelings, friends, monochrome, colorful, identity, aliens, planets, questioning


Planet Monochrome was a teeny tiny planet tucked in between Saturn and Jupiter. It blended in nicely with the stars. In fact, no one noticed it at all.


Pruett is from Planet Monochrome, where everything is black, white, or gray; everyone follows the rules and walks in straight lines; and they never, ever ask or answer questions. But then Soo arrives from Planet Prismatic. She’s bursting with brilliant colors! She zigs and zags all over the place! When she asks Pruett questions, he finds he wants to reply…and his whole world starts to change. (publisher)

Why I like this book:

PRUETT AND SOO is so much fun to read aloud! With its funky palette switch from grays to vibrant colors, it is a story of transformation through questioning and friendship. I love friendship stories and this one among aliens from two very different planets/worlds has so much kid-appeal. Lacera’s depiction of the evolution through the color palette development adds tons to the narrative. Little grey Pruett (don’t you love the names?) is an endearing protagonist and Soo’s encouragement to Pruett that they think outside the Planet Monochrome box of rules is understandable and appealing to all children. This is an energetic and colorful friendship story that I think will inspire lots of great artwork and, I hope, an openness to keep questioning.

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I would definitely have children paint their own versions of two planets.

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N.B. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.

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4 Responses to Pruett and Soo – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. I love to see stories that encourage kids to question and think outside the box. The illustrations are wonderful. And I want to know the question Pruett wants to ask Soo. Such a lovely choice today. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jilanne F Hoffmann says:

    Wow! I love the art! So striking. And the concept is important, relatable, and presented in an engaging way. Will add this to my TBR pile. Thanks for the heads up, Joanna!

  3. Nancy Viau says:

    I appreciate you taking the time to post this “BRILLIANT” review! : )

  4. I did not realize there was a teeny tiny planet tucked between Saturn and Jupiter! And what a universal story.

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