From Archie to Zack – Valentine’s Day Picture Book

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Title: From Archie to Zack

Author & Illustrator: Vincent X. Kirsch

Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2020

Ages: 3-6

Format/Genre: fiction

Themes: valentine’s day, friendship, community, first crush, lgbtqia+, letter-writing


“Archie loves Zach.”
“Zach loves Archie.”
Everyone said it was so.


Archie and Zack are best friends who love each other very much. They do everything together, have fun, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Archie and Zack can’t tell each other that though…though they have tried. Will they ever express their inner feelings? 

Why I like this book:

A sweet story about elementary school first love (which is certainly a thing), starring two boys whose friendship blossoms into a mutual crush. 

Truly the heart of this story is in the illustrations! The simple text relies heavily on the details of the art work. Kids will enjoy looking for the orange letter in each scene, and also seeing how Archie and Zack spent their time together. My favorite part are their friends who just know each of them so well that these friends make sure Archie’s hidden notes get to Zack. They recognize Archie’s handwriting, paper, etc. when the notes are found in unusual places. Obviously! They are for Zack from Archie! This is an ideal conversation starter about different kinds of love and the ways we express our feelings.


-Write a letter to yourself or someone else you love or like. It doesn’t have to be complicated! 
-Archie and Zack do so many fun things together, illustrate one of your favorite things you do with people you love (or would like to do, places you want to go, etc).

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