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1. Click here to download the Onomatopoeia Book

This was an act of love and kudos goes to all the contributors. They are:

Kristen FultonMarcie Flinchum Atkins,         Tanja BauerleMargaret Chiu GreaniasSue FryeChristine IrvinElaine Kiely Kearns,   Sabrina MarchalJoanna MarpleYvonne MesSaba NegashSusan Rankin-Pollard,         Teresa Robeson, Robyn Campbell and Donna L. Sadd



2. Josh Funke’s Guide to Writing Picture Books – in 12 easy lessons from idea generation to querying.

3. A go-to site for writing, illustrating and publishing Children’s Books is Purple Crayon by Harold Underdown.

4. A fabulous, constantly updated site for all children’s writing is run by Elaine Kealey and Sylvia Lu, and don’t forget to join their Facebook Page.

5. If Non fiction picture books are your thing, then take a look at Kristen Fullton’s site – Explore Nonfiction.

6. My favorite Young Adult literature site is –

7. LGBTQ writing sites to follow are: LeeWind.Org and GayYA.Org.

8. For all things about diversity in children’s literature, go to –

9. is a great tool when you start querying.

10. I wish I didn’t have to recommend these sites, but there sharks out there and to help you navigate the waters, I would recommend you always research agents, editors, publishers, awards, competitions etc well before signing any contracts or submitting your work. To help you, I would suggest checking out Preditors & Editors and Writer Beware.

11. ALL writers and illustrators for children should join the Society of Children’s Book Writers and IllustratorsSCBWI. There are local chapters all over the world.

12. If you are looking for professional editing, I would highly recommend editor Emma D Dryden of drydenbooks, bestselling author Emma Walton Hamilton, and author and editor Harold Underdown and author and editor Lorin Oberweger at Free Expressions.

13. If you are just starting to write picture books, there are four online courses I would highly recommend: Picture Book Magic by Susanna Leonard Hill, Just Write for Kids by Emma Walton Hamilton, Pacing Picture Books to Wow by agent Jodell Sadler and hopefully Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson will offer another six week webinar called Revising and Re-imaging your Picture Book Manuscript.

14. If you need someone to write a Common Core friendly teacher’s guide for one of your books, don’t hesitate to approach Marcie Colleen.

15. Wanting to understand using mentor texts better in your writing? check out teacher and author, Marcie Finchkum Atkins’ website.

16. If writing picture books is your focus, I can’t say enough about joining Julie F Hedlund’s 12×12 community, committed to helping you write (and start to revise) 12 picture books in 12 months.

17. Horn BookPublishers Weekly and Publishers Marketplace are subscriptions you should consider. There are free reduced updates you can receive by email.

18. Subscribe to the free Writer’s Digest newsletter here and check out all the School Library journal blogs here.

19. Not many editors blog, but one who does and who writes very savvy articles is Cheryl Klein at Brooklyn Arden.

20. If the promotional and platform-building side of writing is terrifying you, may I suggest you look at the services and resources offered by author and entrepreneur, Katie Davis.

21. For YA and MG novelists, agent Jill Corcoran and author Martha Alderson offer a video series called PLOTWRIMO, Revise Your Novel in a Month, which I found a great revising AND plotting tool.

22. If you are looking for a great compilation of picture books for classroom/teaching use, then look no further than a list of several hundred curated on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog under Perfect Picture Books, for which I contribute a recommendation each Friday.


17 Responses to Resources for Writers

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  5. Barbara Senenman says:

    Thank you for this resource. A lot of work went into putting this together, but it also must have been fun coming up with the sounds. How much laughing and (fill in favorite imbibement) occurred to come up with some of these sounds!

  6. You’ve had quite an exciting year Joanna. I am so happy things are working out so well for you and we have you here in the US!

    What a fabulous project and resource. Thank you for offering it for download

  7. Dear Joanna and the other author / contributors – what a great little book! I hope it’s ok with you if I share it with some of the writers in my writing group in Amsterdam. It’s a wonderful resource. Many thanks.

  8. Great job Joanna! I was a contributor as well. I had device sounds. Super resource for writers!

  9. Joanna, you’ll never know how this made me feel to see you added me. THANK YOU! I heart you pal!

  10. Nice list, Joanna. I had never scrolled past the Onomatopoeia booklet. Why?? Who knows. I was coming over today to link to it again and scrolled down to find your list of resources. Wow!

  11. Virginia says:

    Thank you for your resources. I stumbled on the Onomatopoeia resource and I am so thankful for it. I am currently a member of 12×12 and see that you’ve participated as well. Thank you so much for your generous spirit. My book about engines is one step closer to being finished.

  12. Joanne Almeter says:

    Hi Joanna,
    Your Onomatopoeia book is a wonderful resource that every writer needs, especially picture books for young children. I plan to refer my critique group to your website to check out the resource for themselves! May I print a copy for my own reference? (not for sharing or uploading)
    Thank you again to you and your contributors for such a valuable resource.

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