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As an ex-elementary school teacher and then K-12 librarian, I so miss my time in elementary schools, and can’t wait to get back. The smell of school cafeterias, the squeak of my sneakers on the linoleum tiles, and the chairs and tables just a little too low for me.

I’d love to visit your elementary school and talk about writing, reading, illustrating and my book, SNOW GAMES. I can tailor my visit around your needs whether it’s an assembly for a hundred or a writing workshop for a small group.

Some fun things I do…

  • Using games to generate story ideas.
  • Sharing pictures of my writing life like my messy work space and my extinct or not so extinct animal collection.
  • Listing what makes a story boring (and brainstorming how to improve it)
  • Eat lunch and chat with students.
  • Q & A, which is often the best part.

I’m also willing to visit libraries, middle schools, high schools, book clubs and fairs.

Please contact me for more information.

I’m available for Skype visits too!

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