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I began this blog in February of 2011, the same month I wrote my first picture book manuscript. I had just completed Emma Walton Hamilton’s Just Write For Kids course and become a member of her Children’s Book Hub, which placed me on an adventurous journey towards becoming a published children’s author. I began blogging while I was living in France out of a real  desire to connect with writers and readers in my mother tongue. The blog is focussed on reflections, writings, information and book reviews about the great diversity and wealth of expression each individual, each culture, each animal can bring to us. Please feel free to leave your comments, discuss, disagree and share.

My Blog schedule for 2016 is:

Tuesdays – Interviews with the broad spectrum of those who contribute to creating children’s books

Fridays – Perfect Picture Book Fridays – Resources for parents and educators in conjunction with Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog. or Recommendations in my Diversity series.

I always take a summer blog hiatus in July and August.

6 Responses to About this Blog

  1. Jackie Kramer says:

    Hi Joanna

    Hi fellow uTaler! Truly enjoyed reading your blog and discovering your reflections on what started your adventure on the beautiful, wonderful, sometimes frustrating world of writing and getting published for children. We share the same love of a world perspective or awareness to help enrich one’s writing.
    I’m now beginning the process of starting a blog, phew…and your blog has been inspirational!

    • Joanna says:

      Jackie, so cool to see you here. Thank you for your encouraging words. I look forward to following your new blog! To your success!

  2. leelah hope says:

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  3. Michael Tierney says:

    Have you seen the book Stepping Stones: a refugees journey (English and arabic) using stone portraits of a refugee family fleeing Syria (Artist is Syrian as well)

    extraordinary book and well worth highlighting for your readers.


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